About Us


Tigers Brewery Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Tigers Brewery was established in 2014 with aim of catering high quality beer to our beer-loving consumers and to create opportunity of employment of the local people in addition to increase the economic gain to its shareholders.
Tiger Brewery produces range of exciting beer like Tensberg, London Ice, Rockstar, Annapurna and Nepal Tiger.

Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to share my thoughts, which I bear…
At the time of inception of Tigers Brewery, there were only few breweries in Nepal and there was monopoly market of those few. There were no one to risk to invest due to unstable political situation and presence of Big Multinational Brewery. It was business and very difficult to see rational for creating
Nepali Company and compete with these Big Ones with my available resources. However, my instinct commended me differently: You are Nepali and doing business in Nepal.

Take the risk…. and work on Beer Quality
Today, my company is doing well and have received love and trust of many Nepali consumers .We are working hard to maintain this trust and love of our Nepali consumers, forever.